Colin P Davies

Please Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Welcome To The Playroom
This room is for your entertainment
Play nicely and no fighting!


It'll Be Lonely This Christmas....


Cats slow down time, they have the knack,
Cats never have a heart attack.
Cats slouch about so lazily;
Adagio Philosophy.

Observe the flowers, their easy pace,
You never find flowers in your face.
No rose would act belligerently;
Adagio Philosophy.

We hare to here and tear to there,
We race the clock most everywhere.
Clock always winds us up, you see;
Adagio Philosophy.

So stretch out languidly…relax,
Life dripping slow, like candle wax,
And spend your days more healthily;
Adagio Philosophy.

Paperback Inferno

Marstours Ltd

Paperback Inferno

Paperback Inferno

The Incredibly Stupid Shrinking Man


Barry The Builder,
Pride of our Nation,
Handy with a hacksaw,
And the quick quotation,
Would never put your window
In the wrong location.

Barry The Builder,
Projects a proper manner,
Skilful with a spirit level,
Less so with a hammer,
Drinks tea from empty paint cans,
Opens bottles with a spanner.

Barry The Builder,
Does a marvellous job,
Will tackle almost anything
At half the price of Bob.

The Scanner

The Scanner


They know I’m at this window;
Headmaster in his lair.
They know my eyes are eagle-like,
My missing-tricks quite rare.

So Wood, put down that half-brick!
And White, put out that fag!
And Smart, behind the bike shed,
That’s not Anne, that’s Ian in drag.

Now Stone, what’s that you’re sniffing?
Please Craig, try not to fight.
And if you flash that one more time,
Paul Jones, you’ll get frostbite.

Young Clarke, put down that Playboy!
Jill Smith, no that’s not art.
And Soames, you’ll get severe skin burns,
If you try to light that fart.

I love first week in Autumn,
Though the staff do tend to shirk,
But next week when the kids arrive,
We’ll really have to work.

ET Phone Home

The Scanner

     After two days, Yorg finally reached the front of the queue, only to discover that he'd left his
change back in his other trousers.

Paperback Inferno

Golden Days


Nettle stings on soft white knees,
Old railway tracks, warm August breeze,
Sun-scented stone, fat foxglove bees.

Teatime, we would watch TV,
A gathering of the magic three,
Lone Ranger, beans on toast, and me.

Go childlike, finding fun in rain,
In later years there’s love and pain,
And wishing to be seven again.

Paperback Inferno

First Contact

Paperback Inferno


A skinny young schoolboy named Jones,
Has especially humorous bones,
When a joke nears the knuckle,
You’ll hear his knee chuckle,
And his collar bone usually groans.

Paperback Inferno


Thanks for visiting the Playroom.  Please collect your shoes on the way out.

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