Colin P Davies


"Erstwhile Saviours Wanted - Immortality An Advantage"

The Bookmole

Reflections On The Art Of Adolescence

Being a teenage boy is tough.
Being a teenager in love is even tougher.
And being in love with a fictional character is tougher still.

Clifford King is deeply, desperately, and hormonally in love with Zondra Amazon – warrior, pin-up, and heroine of a fantasy comic.
A hopeless situation…perhaps.

One night, Clifford is visited by Godfrey and his Bookmole, a creature that can bring fiction to life.  It’s an opportunity too good to miss.  Clifford has to have the Bookmole.  Godfrey is happy to help out, but steals Clifford’s most treasured possession in exchange and so starts a pursuit through magical and dangerous realms, which will lead Clifford to discover the truth about his missing father and to learn the real meaning of tough.

There are worse nightmares than adolescence.